Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo Contest- Results

(see old post for photos)

Luckily for you, nobody won a swim in the Niger River.
Answer Key:
1.       Dust storm at 4pm; when this rolled in, it looked like a beige wall coming across the horizon

2.       Ready to go to a baptism with my live gift for the parents of the baby

3.       Neighbors getting their water, the exact same way we get ours via the neighborhood pump (shower, drinking, plant watering, etc.)

4.       First fishing trip in Mali, featuring a friend in his Korean utility vest (fairly common here, why? I don’t know)

5.       Morning activity-> bike to bakery for bread

6.       Kitchen view featuring gas stove and water filter

7.       No idea, looked like crushing acorns with a rock

8.       Firing pottery the old, old, old fashioned way: under huge burning piles of straw

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