Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where's Waldo?

After weeks of silence, rest assured we are safe and sound. 

Unfortunately our time in Mali ended prematurely due to continued instability. Leaving was so hard, that explanation is a blog post we are not yet ready to compose. However, leaving was the best decision as the current situation in country did not allow for us to do the work we came to do effectively or safely. 

Peace Corps Mali was evacuated, all volunteers left together and spent a week in Ghana for administrative processing. Our service has officially closed and the PC Mali program has been suspended until the situation in country stabilizes. We spent an extra week in Ghana on the beach with friends and a weekend enjoying the best of Accra with George's high school prom date, Victoria. We are en route to America visiting family and friends along the way.

We are currently enjoying WONDERFUL hospitality, chocolate, wine and cheese at James and Claudia's in Basel, Switzerland. We continue on to Paris and Washington DC before arriving in Bozeman in early May. Planning many road trips this summer to visit family and friends. Have a place on your couch for two? -we just might show up at your house


  1. Let us know when you get to Lincoln. We got couches!


  2. Bryan and I moving to Cleveland in a week. You're welcome to visit us in our new house whenever you'd like!

  3. Lots of couch space at Echo Lake and a big tent if you'd prefer to rough it. And kayaks and mountains and all kinds of stuff. Glad you are enjoying some vacation time! Looking forward to seeing you this summer. -Kim

  4. You can have my bed and I'll sleep on the couch! Leah G.