Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Pic for Alex


  1. Nice pepper, nice mantis!

    Is your garden doing well?

    1. the garden is tiny, but doing well, it consists of a five jalapenos, two green pepper plants, a big cherry tomato plant, a basil plant, some garlic, and some onions all packed into a little 4-5 square ft. area. without a well, and having 17 tree saplings growing in the yard, it isn't possible to water a larger garden area. if i get a well, inch'allah, i am going to turn the whole yard into a massive garden next Fall (our soil in my town is heavy clay, not exactly black nebraska soil). sometimes i head to our host family's garden, which has canal water next to it for watering- it is a massive garden (6 times mom's backyard garden).

  2. yowza! what an abdomen! it looks like an orange slice in small zoom mode. lol i'll be sure to show alex.