Friday, September 16, 2011

slowly bringing out the camera

Dugutigi (Chief of our Village)

View of the Niger River from downtown in our village, unfortunately our mud house is not beach front

Public health, painting a mural at a health center

Mural audience

Traffic jam on a bridge

Moto Taxi- exactly what it sounds like

Mosquito nets ready to be distributed to all residents of the Segou region

Salim working the mosquito net distribution, families lined up to redeem their nets using a coupon system

Net distribution. These particular nets are treated with insecticide to kill the mosquito species that carries malaria.

Our front porch during a recent visit from a friend and fellow PCV


  1. Love the pictures! Thinking about you today. The nets look like evidence of the impact you were wanting to be a part of.

    Good work.


  2. Oh, How I miss you! You both look beautiful. Thank you for the pictures. mom