Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Running Errands

Took care of business today.

Went to the post office. Getting there involved being dropped off by the moto taxi at a soccer field a few blocks from the post, taking a wrong turn en route and asking for directions. We continue to experience one of the best things about Malian hospitality-when asking for directions, more often than not people are willing to not only explain where something is located, but drop whatever they are doing in order to personally lead us to our final destination. After being escorted to the post office, we were happy to see that Ameriki mail has started to make its way to us here in Segou

Went to the bank to withdraw our monthly living stipened. The place was packed and we waited for almost two hours. The upside to the long wait...you take a number so there is no question about who is next in line AND the waiting room is air conditioned

The road to downtown Segou, as seen from the moto taxi benches

 The road from downtown Segou (home of refridgerated beverages) to the banks of the Niger River

The Niger River

Boat close up. Salim is preparing for fishing opener 2011

Clyde's cousin


  1. I can't show that last picture to the girls or they'll be begging me take them to Mali! They still talk about Clyde more often than I ever could have imagined. Even Meg, who cannot possibly remember him.

    Hooray for cold beverages and air conditioned banks!!

    Love, Staci

  2. Excellent!!! Yes, fond memories of Clyde. Also, glad G (er, Salim) still has a hankering for fishing. Some good looking asphalt in downtown Segou!

  3. Salim and Bintu - just got done reading through EVERY post. What a great time you must be having! Love the stories so keep them coming.

    Take care - Dave E