Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things - Attempt #2

Apparently our most recent post had some formatting issues...

We are back at the training center and will remain here until we move to our permanent site on April 13th. Our internet connection is touch and go on a good day. We will try our best to keep you all posted.

In the past three days -
We named a baby that was born on the same day as our farewell party in our homestay village. Her name is Miriam, one of the only names in Mali that is found in Ameriki as well

We are now the proud owners of custom tailored authentic Malian clothing to wear at our volunteer swearing in ceremony. Fashion shoot photos to come...

George was able to satisfy his curiosity about what he would look like if he shaved his head. It was a once in a lifetime decision.

THINGS part deux (or part fila as we would say in Bambara)

Things you can find at the market -
Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers, Garlic
Bananas, Lemons, Mangoes, sometimes Papayas and Pineapples
Goat heads
No Fear T-shirts (circa 1997)

    Things you can put on top of a bus -
    Lazy Boy style arm chairs
    Large bags of grain/rice/etc

      Things used to transport people from point A to B -
      - Donkey Carts
      - Moto taxis--basically a large motor-tricycle with covered benches strapped on the back. Holds 6-8 people. Price for a ride in Segou = 100 CFA ($0.20 USD)
      - Coach Busses that were retired from service in other countries 30 years ago, yet are still "operational" here

        Things you can buy at a bus stop from out the window without getting off the bus -

        Cold Coke, Bottled Water
        Other beverages in reused plastic Coke/Water bottles
        Cornmeal Cupcakes
        Root Vegetables
        Plastic sachees of water--including one branded "Eau Bama"
        Papaya slices
        Hot Tea (but you have to give the glass back before the bus drives away)

        Things that...
        Are you wondering about anything here in Mali? Post your query and we will do our best to reply...


        1. do they have those minivans used like buses that you can find in Bamako? they all had some combination of three celebrity images on the back, along with american flags: Obama, Madonna, Che Guevara.

        2. Yes, those minivans are the most common form of transportation. We have yet to try them...but that will come soon enough.

        3. What are your favorite Malian customs? Favorite foods.