Saturday, March 19, 2011


Our week long site visit was a smashing success. We are looking forward to our village and working with our counterparts over the next 2 years. More details to come.

Last night we returned to Segou the regional capital and were warmly welcomed at a hotel restaurant by current volunteers. Segou has far more amenties than we had expected -- pizza for dinner last night! Granted it tasted a little bit like Swiss cheese on a was pizza none the less.

Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day. We didn't wear green...just a lovely layer of dust.

We will be in touch.
Salim & Bintu


  1. Bintu and Salim,

    I am so excited to hear about all of your adventures so far. What an amazing thing to do together. I hope you enjoy the next month or so of your homestays....can't wait to hear about the rest of your experiences!!


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  3. Salim and Bintu - Wow!!!
    Found your village in a flash on the amazing map you gave me. Looks like you're just inside the Niger Inland Delta. The redness of the soil (of your previous sites) has a haunting beauty to it - reminds me a bit of the Flame Trees of Thika series on Maspterpiece Theater (that was in East Africa, in Kenya, to be sure). You have regaled us with your tales. Your positive outlook and your excitement for new experiences are infectious! We love you.
    Dad & Mom

  4. Dad, we pulled the name of the village off of your post and re-posted (safety regulation for PC blogs). Glad you found it!