Thursday, February 3, 2011


We've arrived at training. An energetic group of Peace Corps staff and current volunteers met us at the airport, loaded our luggage in the back of a truck and we all piled into vans/busses late last night.

The PC training center is called Tubaniso. Trainers live at the same site as the volunteers. We will be at the training site for the next 5 days. On Tuesday the 8th we ship out to homestays for the remainder of training. Homestay sites are TBD.

Accomodation highlights:
  • Electricity in each hut and ceiling fans. We are enjoying the luxury while we can.
  • We arrived at the end of the "cold season." This means it was 85 when we went to bed last night. (In the coming months we will provide a Fahrenheit vs. Celsius lesson)

Other notables:
  • George rallied volunteers and Malian trainers for a game of sand volleyball before dinner.
  • I saw a lizard let itself into our hut. Since apparently lizards eat bugs, I welcome our new roommate.
  • Peace Corps language exam today confirmed the fact that I (Anna) am a novice at the French language. George's exam is on Saturday.
  • Peace Corps is hosting a Cultural Festival on Sunday at the training center which should give us a glimpse of traditional Malian food and music. We hope you all enjoy America's annual Cultural Festival (aka the Superbowl) on Sunday as well.
  • We will be getting cellphones and it is free for us to receive calls. Don't hesitate to take advantage of your West African long distance calling plans. Phone numbers TBA.
  • We will try to take some soon. Based on the internet connection here we may or may not be able to upload much.


  1. Formidable! So impressed and proud of you both (et bravo pour le lézard)

    Papa Andrew

  2. So looking forward to the pictures and more stories. Got your postcard today...immediately W went to work drawing pictures for you. Maybe you'll have them in a month or so. ;)

  3. Good work W! I have already requested shower flip-flops, a small mirror for shaving, and more shampoo from Tom, who will be here on Monday. We are excited for contact from home.